Guide the patients in Hospital Frenzy 2

Are you good at serving people? Did you ever dream of becoming a nurse? Do you like time management games? If you are looking for a good time management game, try a Hospital game at plimpi.

One Hospital game at plimpi that you will enjoy playing is the Hospital Frenzy 2 game. In this game, you are the nurse attendant of the hospital. You will assist all incoming patients with all their needs. Some of them go to the hospital for check-ups, some for laboratory tests, others for surgery, and all others. Some even come just to use the comfort room or to buy drinks at the kiosk.

As the nurse attendant in a busy hospital, you have to be attentive and alert to the patients’ needs. The hospital you work on has three floors. You also need some energy to be going back and forth in all three floors. The hospital also earns some cash which you can use to upgrade the hospital facilities and the services it offers. Try to buy all eighteen upgrades available before you finish the game. And try to unlock the Ambulance and Helicopter services as soon as possible.

Hospital Frenzy 2 has ten levels for you to enjoy. Try to finish every level with three stars. Each level has a goal which you must attain before time runs out. You can earn three stars for each level if you reach your goal early. You work twelve hours each day, which is from eight to eight. There are also six Achievements you can complete as you play the game. Try to achieve them all before you finish the game.

Hospital Frenzy 2 is one Hospital game at plimpi that will hook you up. You cannot replay a level once you have finished it unless you fail to reach your goal. However, you can play from the start again after you finish the game or if you will clear your saved data.

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Play all Duck Life for free

The Duck Life game series is one of the most popular racing adventure games online. Even kids will be attracted and will love it due to its great graphics. Both adults and kids can play the game because of its easy and friendly interface.

In duck life 1, you will be training your duckling in three skills: running, flying and swimming. You also need to feed it with seeds to boost its energy level. There are two kinds of seeds: the ordinary seed which costs one dollar and the purple seed which costs fifteen dollars. When your skills and energy levels are high enough, join races and tournaments and aim to win first place.

In duck life 2, the same gameplay applies. But there is an added skill to train your duckling: climbing. In the third installment, duck life 3 evolution, aside from owning genetically modified duckling, you can even own more than one ducklings. In fact, you must own more than one for races and tournaments are played by at least two ducklings. However, you will train each duckling you own independently from one another.

But even after the success of world tournaments joined by genetically modified ducklings, the judges have decided to ban said genetically modified ducklings from joining the competitions in the fourth installment. Your goal in this version is to defeat the reign of one fire duck. You go back to traditionally training your duckling. But this time, there is a trainer and your duckling will be trained one skill after another. You also get to unlock one location every after a competition for the skill your duckling had trained for.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt did away from all these trainings and competitions. Your duckling will go to a totally exciting adventure without need of practices or trainings. After the fire duck has been defeated, the volcano remained dormant. Rumors spread that there are treasures and artifacts under it. Treasure hunters all over the world started to flow in to search for the rumored treasures. Be one of these treasure hunters and find as many treasures and artifacts as possible. Enjoy a whole new way to enjoy the game.

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Finsh level 5 of Vex games

“If you are looking for a thrilling game where you will experience your adrenaline rush, do not search too long. Try playing the Vex game series and check if you can even finish level 5 without any help or clue from walkthrough videos.

In the Vex games, you play as the stick figure which is having the adventure of his life. Run, jump, slide and swim as the situation demands. You have to be fast and try to finish the level as soon as possible. But you have to be very careful for there are tons of obstacles along the way. One contact with an obstacle will kill you.

When you visit Vex fan sites, you will find four installments. All installment starts off with a Tutorial Stage. In this stage, your hands will be familiar with the controls used in the game. You will also get an idea of the flow of the game. The first vex consists of eight levels. The first levels are easy but as you level up, difficulty also increases. See if you can finish level 5. The second installment, Vex 2, consists of nine levels. Like the first installment, the first levels are also easy and gets harder as you level up. There are also additional obstacles. Test yourself if you can finish level 5. There is also an added feature, the Achievements room where there are twenty nine to attain.

And the most exciting of the series is the third one, Vex 3. It consists of ten levels and nine Challenges. Each level was made more complicated and harder. More obstacles were added. Do you have what it takes to get through and finish level 5. There are brand new forty trophies to achieve too. Meanwhile, Vex 4 is the current longest game of the series. It has twenty five exciting levels. As expected, it is also made harder but not impossibly hard. And there are over twenty five Achievements to complete.

In these four installments, there is another game mode to play, the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can create your own stage. You can even share it to friends or send it to the game developers to be included in the Vex Community.

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Red Ball 4 level 13

Do you enjoy playing skills game? Do you play for fun and adventures? Then help the cute little Red Ball in his quest in the fourth sequel of the Red Ball game series, red ball 4. The main objective of red ball in the game is to stop Black Square and his allies in their evil scheme of turning red balls into red squares.

In red ball 4, also known as red ball 4 volume 1, Red ball has discovered the evil plans of Black Squares who his turning his friends into red squares and plans to change the world into a square. You, as red ball, have to do everything you can to stop such wicked plans. So once again roll and jump your way to where Black Square and his minions are and stop them.

You will have to travel fifteen levels to get to the Black Square. However, it would not be an easy journey. There are obstacles and enemies along your way. The black squares minions will also try to stop you at all cost. So, you have to get pass them or you can jump on them to kill them. Take note that bumping into them is fatal, it is either you get pass them or jump on them. some levels are also hard to finish, like level 13, while some are rather easy. As you go through each level, do not forget to collect all the stars along your way.

The Achievements is also introduced in red ball 4. There are sixteen achievements for you to collect throughout the game. Some of these achievements are easy to collect while some are quite hard. You can always go back to the level where these achievements could be achieved.

If you had played the previous sequels of the game, you will be familiar with the controls for nothing had changed. You can either use the arrow keys or the ASWD keys of your keyboard to control red ball. You can also use the letter P key to pause the game, the letter R key to reset the level, and to click on the icons on the screen to correspond to their descriptions.

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A progressive sequel featured in Red Ball 2

Games are like movies nowadays. Do you know the reason why? The answer is because of the fact that they have been acquiring the concept of series which consists of parts or edition. One of the most popular game series is the one called Red Ball. This has been very successful and in demand because of the story and game play that are progressive and worth reading. This content that you are currently scanning and skimming is about the second installment of the series called Red Ball 2.

The story is about the King Red Ball who wants to retrieve his crown from the evil square. In order to do that, he must seek for your help as the player in this game. Control and navigate the red ball throughout the platform and avoid or overcome the obstacles as much as possible. Make sure that you will be able to reach the goal flags as quick as possible. Since this is already the second edition or the sequel, there are new levels to ponder which sums up to 25 overall.

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Survive the chaotic atmosphere with Taxi Gone Wild

Taxi is one of the most common modes of transportation in the entire world. It has been established as one of the most trusted vehicles in terms of business and travelling on a daily basis or seasonal. In line with this, game creators are able to grasp the idea that a taxi can be a great theme or character in a flash game. Then there is the booming existence of lots of games related to it. One good example is Taxi Gone Wild.

From the title alone, you can definitely say that it is about taxi. The scenario is that you have to control and drive the taxi on the way and reach the stations in each level. You must be able to hurdle the obstacles which are taxis set up on the way. Make sure that you will be able to jump over the taxis at the right time. You have to remember that the environment or atmosphere is chaotic so you have to be fast, efficient and precise all the time.

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Blow that zombie’s head off in Bounzy 2

What is more fun than blowing a zombie head using a gun? Blowing its head off its head after the bullet ricocheted on a wall. Yes that seems farfetched but in Bounzy 2, it is something that you should always do. Find the right angle to shoot and let the bullet bounce its way to the zombie’s head. Fire and bounce or get eaten. You play as a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. You will encounter zombies as you go to your hideout, eliminate the zombies to proceed to the next stage. There are no movements for the character, but you will be foucsing a lot on your weapons’ projectile movement.

Bounce the bullet of the pistol off the wall. Throw the grenade on the perfect arc. And control the homing missile you fired. You can also use objects in the stage to decapitate zombies like planks of wood, a wheel and a freaking television. I don’t know why there’s a television outside but hey, it can be used to kill a zombie so why not? Finish all 60 stages and collect three stars on every stage. There are also achievements throughout the game that can be obtained after finishing certain tasks.

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Face aliens and clones in Hobo Brawl 5

Your favorite, gut-punching, crotch-kicking, face-spitting Hobo is back, in the fifth installment of the game series. In Hobo Brawl 5, you will help Hobo get out of the extraterrestrial ship that abducted and drained out all of his combos. Face aliens and Hobo clones that were made using Hobo’s DNA. Will you get out alive of the ship? Or will you be one of the aliens?

The game will start with a cut-scene, where an alien is draining all Hobo’s combos, Hobo breaks all the ropes tied to him and you will start killing off aliens with no combo whatsoever. After few aliens you will encounter Hobo clones that have his powers, but don’t worry, they are not that strong compared to the original. As you go on the game, you will get back all your powers and combos, you will also fight aliens with laser guns and laser cannons. However, laser cannons, unlike its counterpart in other titles the shotgun, do not kill the some enemies with just one shot. You will also see in the game that Hobo clones are tougher than aliens, except for the raging one. Players that have finished past Hobo titles will have no problem coping up with the game. Like any Hobo Brawl title you can choose between difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard, having your enemies tougher and stronger as you set the difficulty harder. Also, after finishing a stage, you will get a code that you can enter if you feel like going back to a stage.

So, if you want to, punch somebody in the face or kick someone in his gut, you might consider playing Hobo Brawl 5 instead. You can release your anger and avoid more troubles in real life at the same time. Plus, you get to beat some aliens that you will not probably experience in your whole life.

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Score a goal in Pinball Football

Are you looking for a game to have fun while time passes by? Then be entertained in Pinball Football. From the name itself, it is a combination of two enjoyable games, Pinball and Football. Challenge yourself and see if you can score a goal. Collect as much as bonuses as you can while playing. Use the arrow keys from your keyboard to control the flippers. Before aiming for a goal, first look for a clear shot and wait for the proper timing before kicking a goal.

On the top of your screen, you will see the bonus bumpers; you have to light both bumpers. And to increase your multiplier, shoot the ramps and light up the targets to get bonus points. You have three lives in every turn. But worry not because you have enough turns to entertain yourself. Score as high as you can and submit your score for your friends to see.

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Play against an AI or with friends at Gun Mayhem 4

Gun Mayhem 4 is the fourth edition from the game series called Gun Mayhem 4. This is an example of a shooting game that has been existing for quite some time already. There are two reasons why this game and series are very popular in the gaming world. First is because of the fact that they involve shooting weapons which most people are fascinated with. Second is because of the thrilling action that they can create through fight scenes and shooting scenes.

The mission of anyone who will be dealing with this game is to defeat your enemy by shooting at them. The good thing about this game is that you can either play against an artificial intelligence or with your friend which is exciting and fun. There are three zones that are included in this game which are zones one, two and three. Each zone has distinct environment which is thrilling and refreshing. Go ahead and have a blast by clicking

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