A game with lots of adventure and training with Duck Life 1

Duck Life 1 is the first ever edition from the game series with the same title. Since this is the introductory version, there are things that a player can expect with this one. First thing that the players will notice in this game is the design of the game which is appealing and attractive. Second is the duckling that the players will have to control and guide on the adventures in this game. Last is the challenges or obstacles that they have to hurdle which is tough but manageable.

The story in this game starts when a farmer which will be played by the gamer has lost his belongings and properties due to a tornado incident leaving him a single egg. In order to regain his wealth, he must be able to find ways to utilize the egg. When it hatches, a duckling will appear and needs to be train so it can join certain competitions. In the game, the players will see different tabs like ENTER RACE, TRAIN RUNNING, TRAIN FLYING and TRAIN SWIMMING. The duckling needs to acquire the required level in each skill to join in the competition and be the Champion Duck.

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