Blow that zombie’s head off in Bounzy 2

What is more fun than blowing a zombie head using a gun? Blowing its head off its head after the bullet ricocheted on a wall. Yes that seems farfetched but in Bounzy 2, it is something that you should always do. Find the right angle to shoot and let the bullet bounce its way to the zombie’s head. Fire and bounce or get eaten. You play as a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. You will encounter zombies as you go to your hideout, eliminate the zombies to proceed to the next stage. There are no movements for the character, but you will be foucsing a lot on your weapons’ projectile movement.

Bounce the bullet of the pistol off the wall. Throw the grenade on the perfect arc. And control the homing missile you fired. You can also use objects in the stage to decapitate zombies like planks of wood, a wheel and a freaking television. I don’t know why there’s a television outside but hey, it can be used to kill a zombie so why not? Finish all 60 stages and collect three stars on every stage. There are also achievements throughout the game that can be obtained after finishing certain tasks.

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