Drop on the prized bucket with Ping Ball

Ping Ball is a flash game that has an infusion of two ball related games such as Ping Pong and Pinball. It is quite interesting to see or notice that there are flash games that really focuses on infusing or incorporating balls to their themes and features. Maybe because of two reasons. One is because they know the familiarity that gamers have towards these toys or objects. Two is because of the fact that balls are easy and fun to play.

Ping Ball is quite interesting and unique. Interesting in the sense that it is unusual which makes people curious. Unique as mentioned earlier due to the infusion it has. This game has a simple mechanics. The player will be given ping-pong balls in which he or she will drop it on the pinball-like machine where buckets with corresponding points are presented. The player will have to target the bucket with the highest points to achieve a high score too. It will depend on how and where he or she will drop the ball.

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