Enjoy Bridesmaids Magic Tea Party

Magic and grown up girls activities are appealing to little girls. If you have a little girl, whether your own or a niece, a friend’s daughter or maybe a student, here is a game they would surely have fun, Bridesmaids Magic Tea Party.


In this game, the bridesmaids will have tea in one of the bridesmaid’s house before the wedding. Before preparing herself for the wedding, the host lady will serve tea first. Help her out in preparing tea and preparing herself. You will clean the tray; repair the damaged tea cups through the magic wand, prepare the tea and cupcakes for three and serve them to your friends. The fun does not end there. You will also dress up the host lady. Choose a hairstyle for her; choose an elegant gown and then choose a stylish pair of earrings. This is only a short game but little girls will surely have some fun.

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