Face aliens and clones in Hobo Brawl 5

Your favorite, gut-punching, crotch-kicking, face-spitting Hobo is back, in the fifth installment of the game series. In Hobo Brawl 5, you will help Hobo get out of the extraterrestrial ship that abducted and drained out all of his combos. Face aliens and Hobo clones that were made using Hobo’s DNA. Will you get out alive of the ship? Or will you be one of the aliens?

The game will start with a cut-scene, where an alien is draining all Hobo’s combos, Hobo breaks all the ropes tied to him and you will start killing off aliens with no combo whatsoever. After few aliens you will encounter Hobo clones that have his powers, but don’t worry, they are not that strong compared to the original. As you go on the game, you will get back all your powers and combos, you will also fight aliens with laser guns and laser cannons. However, laser cannons, unlike its counterpart in other titles the shotgun, do not kill the some enemies with just one shot. You will also see in the game that Hobo clones are tougher than aliens, except for the raging one. Players that have finished past Hobo titles will have no problem coping up with the game. Like any Hobo Brawl title you can choose between difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard, having your enemies tougher and stronger as you set the difficulty harder. Also, after finishing a stage, you will get a code that you can enter if you feel like going back to a stage.

So, if you want to, punch somebody in the face or kick someone in his gut, you might consider playing Hobo Brawl 5 instead. You can release your anger and avoid more troubles in real life at the same time. Plus, you get to beat some aliens that you will not probably experience in your whole life.

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