Finsh level 5 of Vex games

“If you are looking for a thrilling game where you will experience your adrenaline rush, do not search too long. Try playing the Vex game series and check if you can even finish level 5 without any help or clue from walkthrough videos.

In the Vex games, you play as the stick figure which is having the adventure of his life. Run, jump, slide and swim as the situation demands. You have to be fast and try to finish the level as soon as possible. But you have to be very careful for there are tons of obstacles along the way. One contact with an obstacle will kill you.

When you visit Vex fan sites, you will find four installments. All installment starts off with a Tutorial Stage. In this stage, your hands will be familiar with the controls used in the game. You will also get an idea of the flow of the game. The first vex consists of eight levels. The first levels are easy but as you level up, difficulty also increases. See if you can finish level 5. The second installment, Vex 2, consists of nine levels. Like the first installment, the first levels are also easy and gets harder as you level up. There are also additional obstacles. Test yourself if you can finish level 5. There is also an added feature, the Achievements room where there are twenty nine to attain.

And the most exciting of the series is the third one, Vex 3. It consists of ten levels and nine Challenges. Each level was made more complicated and harder. More obstacles were added. Do you have what it takes to get through and finish level 5. There are brand new forty trophies to achieve too. Meanwhile, Vex 4 is the current longest game of the series. It has twenty five exciting levels. As expected, it is also made harder but not impossibly hard. And there are over twenty five Achievements to complete.

In these four installments, there is another game mode to play, the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can create your own stage. You can even share it to friends or send it to the game developers to be included in the Vex Community.

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