Help the Kitty Kingdom

Are you a cat fanatic? You will surely enjoy playing Kitty Kingdom. The kittens accidentally broke the orb that gives light to the kingdom. And now they are scattered all over the land. The King, their father, seeks for your help to bring back the kittens to the castle and to help restore the orb to its original state.

When you play, you can choose between two characters: you can be Loyal Luca who is as fierce as he is friendly and he is also the protector of cat kingdom; or you can choose to be Pretty Mimi who is a graceful dancer and is always the center of attention because of her smooth moves. Loyal Luca is fast and has strong paws while Pretty Mimi has a special skill of double jumping. Kitty Kingdom is an adventure about cats. Survive twelve levels of saving the kittens and bring back light in their Kingdom.

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