Help the main character in his revenge with Rooney on the Rampage

Sports related games have been getting a lot of attention and appreciation from most gamers around the world because of two reasons. First is due to the chance they give to aspiring and frustrated athletes out there. This also gives the chance to raise awareness about the importance of engaging with sports. Second is because of the real life popularity that the sports have at this time which can be a good strategy to promote a flash game. One perfect example is the one called Rooney on the Rampage.

This game is somehow unique in the sense that it involves playing the sports plus the real intention of the main character. The name of the player that you will have to control is Rooney. He wants to take on revenge towards Zidane who ratted him out to the referee in the past. Do your best to help him head butt all the players on his way until he reaches Zidane’s position and score a revenge.

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