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The Duck Life game series is one of the most popular racing adventure games online. Even kids will be attracted and will love it due to its great graphics. Both adults and kids can play the game because of its easy and friendly interface.

In duck life 1, you will be training your duckling in three skills: running, flying and swimming. You also need to feed it with seeds to boost its energy level. There are two kinds of seeds: the ordinary seed which costs one dollar and the purple seed which costs fifteen dollars. When your skills and energy levels are high enough, join races and tournaments and aim to win first place.

In duck life 2, the same gameplay applies. But there is an added skill to train your duckling: climbing. In the third installment, duck life 3 evolution, aside from owning genetically modified duckling, you can even own more than one ducklings. In fact, you must own more than one for races and tournaments are played by at least two ducklings. However, you will train each duckling you own independently from one another.

But even after the success of world tournaments joined by genetically modified ducklings, the judges have decided to ban said genetically modified ducklings from joining the competitions in the fourth installment. Your goal in this version is to defeat the reign of one fire duck. You go back to traditionally training your duckling. But this time, there is a trainer and your duckling will be trained one skill after another. You also get to unlock one location every after a competition for the skill your duckling had trained for.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt did away from all these trainings and competitions. Your duckling will go to a totally exciting adventure without need of practices or trainings. After the fire duck has been defeated, the volcano remained dormant. Rumors spread that there are treasures and artifacts under it. Treasure hunters all over the world started to flow in to search for the rumored treasures. Be one of these treasure hunters and find as many treasures and artifacts as possible. Enjoy a whole new way to enjoy the game.

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