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If you are looking for an enjoyable adventure game Play Red Ball online and help the cute little red ball in all his adventures. Make him roll and jump as he avoid obstacles and solve some problems.

And check this out, you could fall in love too in the third installment of the Red Ball game series. How much will you do in the name of love? In Red Ball 3, our hero fell in love with another ball, Pink Ball. One day, while they were happily strolling in a park, Black Ball saw them. Black Ball also fell in love with Pink Ball at that moment and thought he and Pink Ball are much better together. Having an evil mind, he knocked down Red Ball and snatched Pink Ball away. And so, Red Ball will do everything for Pink Ball. He will rescue her no matter what it takes. Its like a perfect love story with a thrill of adventures and so on.

Help Red Ball as he roll and jump on his way to rescue Pink Ball. But be cautious, Black Ball is not alone in his evil plans. He has lots of minions who will try to stop you, or at least delay you, from rescuing Pink Ball. And they have also set a lot of deadly obstacles along you way. Outsmart them and reach the big red flag at the end of the level to go to the next level. There are also checkpoints which are represented by red flags. Make sure to run through them and the flags went up so your progress will be recorded. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed.

check this out, there are twenty exciting and challenging levels you will have to surpass in Red Ball 3. As you play, do not forget to collect all the stars and get to the end of the level as soon as possible to get a gold crown for the level. There are also sixteen Achievements to collect while you play, challenge yourself to complete them as you finish the entire game.

Red Ball 3, like all other Red Ball games, is an addicting adventure skill game. You can check this out in the fan page. You can also play all other installments.

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