Red Ball 4 level 13

Do you enjoy playing skills game? Do you play for fun and adventures? Then help the cute little Red Ball in his quest in the fourth sequel of the Red Ball game series, red ball 4. The main objective of red ball in the game is to stop Black Square and his allies in their evil scheme of turning red balls into red squares.

In red ball 4, also known as red ball 4 volume 1, Red ball has discovered the evil plans of Black Squares who his turning his friends into red squares and plans to change the world into a square. You, as red ball, have to do everything you can to stop such wicked plans. So once again roll and jump your way to where Black Square and his minions are and stop them.

You will have to travel fifteen levels to get to the Black Square. However, it would not be an easy journey. There are obstacles and enemies along your way. The black squares minions will also try to stop you at all cost. So, you have to get pass them or you can jump on them to kill them. Take note that bumping into them is fatal, it is either you get pass them or jump on them. some levels are also hard to finish, like level 13, while some are rather easy. As you go through each level, do not forget to collect all the stars along your way.

The Achievements is also introduced in red ball 4. There are sixteen achievements for you to collect throughout the game. Some of these achievements are easy to collect while some are quite hard. You can always go back to the level where these achievements could be achieved.

If you had played the previous sequels of the game, you will be familiar with the controls for nothing had changed. You can either use the arrow keys or the ASWD keys of your keyboard to control red ball. You can also use the letter P key to pause the game, the letter R key to reset the level, and to click on the icons on the screen to correspond to their descriptions.

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