Score a goal in Pinball Football

Are you looking for a game to have fun while time passes by? Then be entertained in Pinball Football. From the name itself, it is a combination of two enjoyable games, Pinball and Football. Challenge yourself and see if you can score a goal. Collect as much as bonuses as you can while playing. Use the arrow keys from your keyboard to control the flippers. Before aiming for a goal, first look for a clear shot and wait for the proper timing before kicking a goal.

On the top of your screen, you will see the bonus bumpers; you have to light both bumpers. And to increase your multiplier, shoot the ramps and light up the targets to get bonus points. You have three lives in every turn. But worry not because you have enough turns to entertain yourself. Score as high as you can and submit your score for your friends to see.

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