Score the highest in Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin is a great aquatic animal that is becoming more popular due to positive and negative reasons. Positive reason because it can be a great entertaining animal that can bring happiness to many people. Negative reason because it is also abused by some people by letting them be in certain shows. It has been a long issue that needs a proper solution so that the dolphin will be free as a bird. It is fine to enjoy them through virtual medium just like the flash game called Dolphin Olympics 2. Please rely on the next paragraph for more info about the said flash game.

In this game, the player will play the role of a dolphin trainer who must take good care of the animal provided in the game. Feed the animal properly and train it very well. If everything seems to be great, the player’s chosen dolphin is ready for the competition. The dolphin must be able to swim, pivot, jump and bounce through the water as well as execute some tricks within two minutes. Make sure that your dolphin will get the highest score to win in the competition.

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