Use the weapons intelligently in Cactus McCoy 4

Games are created for three reasons. First is to give people the just to have an entertainment during their alone time or when boredom strikes. Second is to educate or give lessons to young gamers in different aspects that can be very helpful in real life. Last is to develop something on the side of the players such as competitiveness and self-worth. This article presents a flash game with a cute and mysterious character. The name of the game is Cactus McCoy 4.

This is actually the fourth installment from the game series called Cactus McCoy. The reason why it has the title mentioned is because of the story that McCoy is a treasure hunter who was cursed in a mysterious place. Your goal in this fourth installment is to guide McCoy as he teams up with his old enemy to find the precious treasure. Utilize the given weapons so that you will be able to eliminate the dangers set up in the game.

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